Tested & Approved, Holiday Booze

Posted by Max 7 months ago.
Posted in Food

We’re shaking it up a little today at TheRut. It’s cold outside, and with the holidays quickly approaching, we want to offer up a little advice on how to get through all that family time…ALCOHOL. If you’re anything like me the booze cruise leaves the dock pretty early Thanksgiving morning (I start drinking early) and to avoid the side-eye from the mother-n-law I’ve found she’s much more accepting if I mix up something to share rather than working my way through a six-pack alone. Fellas, before rolling your eyes and thinking this is a girly drink, I’ve tested it out on the neighborhood handyman, a sideline of soccer dads and the real booze aficionado, my husband. Get ya some & share the love this upcoming Thanksgiving!

You’re going to love it!