Ben Danaher

I met Ben Danaher quite a few years back when we were both young aspiring musicians in San Marcos, TX.  Ben was always a great guy to hang with, and usually had some new songs to play, and with every one of them I could see him getting better at his craft.  Every musician, singer, or songwriter has to carve their own path, and Ben’s path led him to Nashville to write along side the best country music songwriters anywhere.  After some ups downs and circumstances that would break most folks, Ben has come through the other side with the more songwriting material than he ever would have wanted.   Ben has a special way of pouring out his heartache into a song and then following it up with a witty comment that lets you know it’s still okay to laugh.  Ben’s hard work and perseverance are finally starting to pay off as the buzz behind his last album and his future is building almost as fast as his hard earned fan base.  We here at TheRut are proud to have Ben as our first artist and even more proud to call him our friend.  Hope you guys enjoy getting to know our old pal Ben Danaher.