Hunt Day – Story Time!

Posted by Max 2 weeks ago.
Posted in Hunting

We love hearing hunting stories about “first times.” Check out this nice little adventure recap from Michigan native Stephanie Ray and then go take a gander at her Instagram @the_gazelle_16 for more stories and pics from her northern hunting and fishing feats!

“Filled my FIRST Michigan bobcat tag over the weekend, & owe it all to the hard work of the pups that we were able to put on a fresh trail! We walked through knee deep snow trailing the dogs a mile along a creek bottom, & came up running in on their first treed cat! Not being very optimistic, we didn’t carry a long gun, so I ended up shooting her with my pistol while she was treed. Was also my first pistol harvest of any animal, which tremendously increased my confidence! Definitely one to remember, and definitely another taxidermy bill!”