Hunt Day (11 pics)

Posted by RB 1 year ago.
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Back in the later part of the last century, high in the mountains of South-Western Colorado, a legend was born. Now the stories vary about his actual origins, whether he was born of natural labor or the mountains just spit out this rare breed is still in dispute. Either way the stories and legend of our friend Chris Athey have grown through the years.

Whether it’s taking down wounded Elk in hand to hoof combat, or riding a snowmobile through places that no one in their right mind would even think of riding, the stories of this mountain man continue to grow.
The story of the time he packed out an Elk for my dad from a draw too steep for horses to walk out of, has been told over a few campfires. Then when it was time for him to take a wife, he marched down from the mountains and into the quaint little town of Lake City where he proceeded to find the finest of unwed squaws, and promptly offered her the privilege of becoming Mrs. Athey. This is just the tip of the iceberg for stories we could tell, but that’s for a different day.

The man is a western slope icon and last week he got the opportunity and successfully took down a once in a lifetime Rocky Mountain Bighorn. With the help of some friends, and the aforementioned little lady, they got this beautiful creature down from the mountain tops & we got the pics to prove it!
We look forward to seeing Chris when we visit this Christmas and getting the first hand account of this awesome hunt, and maybe knocking back a little whiskey. Till’ then enjoy these pics of a hell of a hunt.