Gator Hunting with Kimmi Stark

Posted by RB 2 weeks ago.
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So this gator season was not only my first ever gator tags… was also my first time ever hunting anything. We ended up getting an 11’1 and and 11’2 within 48 hours of each other.

The first gator was 11’1. I was on the harpoon. I was told as soon as he comes up just f**king nail him. After about an hour fight He came up head first and I nailed that sucker right in the sweet spot…..I bent the harpoon and ended up stunning him/slowing him down quite a bit. He about gave up so not much work was left when it came time to bang stick him. He stuck him, loaded him and headed back to the ramp

The second gator 11’2 I ended up doing the snagging, fighting and stuck him. He was more feisty. He had the boat moving in circles and all over the place. He got us wrapped up in some stumps and tail wrapped us but luckily we were able to get him out and get a harpoon in him. Then after some more fighting…he came up. I stuck him but he still had some fight so I stuck him again..lights out.

This was such an amazing and surreal experience. The intensity and adrenaline of a giant swamp lizard coming right for ya was such a rush and I loved every second of it. This broke the ice for me and I’m so excited to learn and grow in the hunting world and get some new experiences under my belt.

– Kimmi Stark @kimmistark_