Kimmi Stark

Hey y’all I’m Kimmi!

I was born and raised in Florida. I grew up in a small beach town on a barrier island on the space coast. I’ve always been into the outdoors/sports life. I was constantly swimming in the ocean, tubing on the river, island hopping, getting lost in the woods and living a super active and athletic life.

I didn’t get into fishing until my better half Mac Herrell introduced me into fishing about 5 years ago and I instantly fell in love have been hooked ever since (haha get it 😉)

Over the past year or so I have gotten into the shooting/hunting scene. I’ve harvested 2 gators and a hog so far this year (and may have missed some opportunities that could have added to that list but that’s all part of the process lol). I love learning new skills and new things. The outdoors whether it be fishing, hunting, walking trails, hanging out at the gun range, romping around on the airboat….it’s my happy place and something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

You can’t beat the combination of adrenaline and peace you feel while exploring the water or the woods. Y’all stay tuned because my journey in the outdoor world is just beginning. I plan on sharing my adventures as open and honest. The success and the fails because you never know who is watching and who you can inspire along the way. Trust me y’all I ain’t a pro and will never claim to be. I definitely make mistakes…but, If you can’t openly talk about the mistakes you make along the way as well with anything we do in life, it’s harder to learn and grow as an angler, outdoorsman, and person in general.

I just want to take a second to give thanks to everyone(Mac especially) who has helped me, taught me, supported me, encouraged me, worked with me, and lead me to this path I’m on today. I couldn’t have accomplished the things I have without y’all. I am a super blessed gal to have the people and the support in my life that I do.