Hey y’all, my name is Rebecca but people call me Bex. You may know me as that Canadian country girl who’s always outdoors. I grew up on the lake, so by the time I was 3, I was playing with fish hooks instead of Barbie dolls. To this day, I constantly find myself with my bow in the woods, with my rod on the lake, or finding some new places to explore. Being the only girl in a family of nature loving men, I learned to appreciate the beauty of nature at a very young age. My friends and family always joke that I’ll be remembered as someone who tears up at the beauty of a sunset. I’ve lived in the southern part of the US and I’ve lived in the northern part of Canada, and I’ll always see the Great North as home (and no it doesn’t always snow up here lol). I love country music and classic rock; I idolized Shania Twain growing up but also could party to some ACDC. Sports were always a big part of my life. I grew up watching hockey, which is probably why I got quite the mouth on me. I try to be genuine and kind to everyone – because frankly, life is too short to waste it on negativity. I don’t need much to put a smile on my face: a cold beer, a bonfire in the middle of the woods surrounded by the people I love and I’m the happiest girl on earth.