Respect the Badge

Posted by Max 2 months ago.
Posted in RutLife

Have we all lost our effing minds? I never in my life thought that I would live in a time where it is acceptable for our policemen and women to be harassed, assaulted and shot point-blank and see those actions followed up with cheers and chants from my fellow Americans. The people who wear the badge risk their lives every day, and some days while doing their JOB, unfortunate incidents occur. Why are people choosing to forget that unlike criminals, our civil servants are doing exactly what they are trained to do – protecting every man and woman of every freaking color – and sometimes things go wrong because they are only HUMAN. WAKE UP!!! There is a clear difference in police doing their jobs and criminals intentionally breaking the law. If you can’t see the difference, then friend, I’m sorry for you. Myself and the rest of Team Rut will always back the blue.