Here’s looking at you, Dad!

Posted by Max 7 months ago.
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Here’s to all the father figures out there – the dads, father-n-laws, stepdads, grandpas, big brothers, neighbor dads, uncles and coaches – Thank You for being you. Without your guidance, love and protection we’d all be out there crying for participation trophies. Thank you for teaching us to love the outdoors, to hit nothing but net from beyond the 3-point arc, to lead rather than follow and to mix a pretty tasty cocktail.

Happy early Father’s Day to all you awesome dads!

And to my very own Dad, Papa Tom, thank you for raising me to be tougher than most everyone else. Thank you for teaching me that I can do anything the boys can do – and even better. Thank you for pushing me to move forward when our world stopped. Love ya, dad.